SMART customer
support model

At advanco, we offer world-class
24/7 SMART customer support
which is centered on being fully
proactive with the overall aim of
minimizing downtime.

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Your business sustainability is our priority

At advanco, our goal is to provide a solution that delivers remarkable customer experiences and actionable insights while maintaining and looking after ARC with the world-class 24/7 support we provide. This provides the reassurance that ARC is always running perfectly.

support platform

  • Personalized support portal account: Track all tickets and status updates of your organization

  • Self-service knowledge base: Find answers online without contacting a live agent

  • Emergency support: Prioritize your ticket with urgent category

  • Reporting and analytics: Obtain statistics and root cause analyzes to identify the areas for future improvement.

advanco’s service level
agreements set the standard for
the operational scope

advanco’s service level
 agreements set the standard for
 the operational scope
  • Standard response times

  • Availability during packaging hours

  • Less paperwork with included support hours

  • Fixed hourly rates

advanco’s support services

  • Installation

    we provide essential training to ensure users are equipped with the tools, confidence, and knowledge to make ARC perform at its full potential. This can be carried out both onsite and remotely.

  • Hypercare

    This is a two-week period where our support team monitors the systems extra closely and will always be available for 24/7 support. This service is useful for new clients, or those who might need an extra layer of reassurance.

  • Ongoing support

    The keyword for our ongoing support is “bespoke”. It is based specifically on the individual needs and requirements of our clients such as ARC platform training, ARC Platform troubleshooting, SQL server updates, ARC Platform updates.

  • Health Check

    This is a service to ensure ARC Platform runs smoothly by taking proactive action against any issues that could turn into major problems.


  • 24/7 support model

  • Top-class knowledge base

  • Highly skilled support team

  • Pro-active prevention offerings

  • Automated support platform

  • Flexible SLAs

Take a step into a
more secure future

As an innovation leader, we provide our customers with transparent security every day. Contact us to learn more about advanco’s solutions for regulated track and trace.

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