handles warehouse and packaging shop-floor
operations, including rework-after-serialization and
shipment management, to increase inventory
management efficiency.

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ARC LES manages inbound and outbound
movements and serialized warehouse operations.

Key features

  • Inbound - Goods Receipts &
    Returns Operations:

    ARC LES integrates with the contract partners  to accept goods automatically, or after manual label scanner checks, which is especially useful for returns and goods receipts

  • Outbound - Shipment Operations:

    ARC LES controls delivery operations from pallet level down to the individual serialized items and integrates with ARC MES/Cockpit to transmit details to the delivery partner

  • Rework Operations:

    ARC LES changes status or aggregation hierarchy after the packaging processes

  • Low-Volume Serialization

    ARC LES checks the readability of the pre-printed labels and changes the item status to “good”

Technology Solutions

  • ARC LES Workstation


    Compact solution for warehouse and shop-floor operations with the industrial PC, touchscreen display, network-connected label printer and wireless handheld scanner

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  • ARC LES Mobile


    Provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with the flexibility to manage serialized inventory from anywhere, using a handheld scanner

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  • ARC LES Edge


    To simplify serialization in warehouse operations by connecting directly with any serialization solution and ERP system to perform real-time inventory tracking and management

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  • ARC LES operations can be executed with the ARC workstation and ARC mobile

  • Highly flexible centralized label management functionalities and integration with central label management solutions

  • Standard and custom integrations with trading partners, 3PLs, CMOs, MAHs

  • Integration with a wide selection of label printing technologies

  • Allow rework operations without involving a packaging line

  • Able to follow the new requirements for warehouse operations or new regulations (e.g., aggregation, cold chain, verifications)

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