ARC MES/Cockpit

serves as a packaging management cockpit
for serialization and aggregation operations,
with an open and secure interface technology.

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Independent Level 3: ARC MES/Cockpit

It is a site management system that handles the entire serialization and aggregation processes, collect data from the packaging lines, and sends back printed serial number reports to the company repositories (Level 4) or the country repositories (Level 5).

Key features

Key features
  • Managing master data, packaging orders, shipment orders and serial number pools on-site

  • Managing several brands of L2 packaging line vendors

  • Seamless connectivity with different ERP/L4/L5 systems

  • Full technology reporting


  • Manage all serialized packaging and warehouse operations effectively with a single solution

  • Control and manage several serialization and aggregation machine vendors/brands in one packaging line or shop floor (Remove machine vendor lock-in)

  • Ability to continue shop floor operations without an active internet connection

  • Flexible and highly configurable Level 4 and ERP interfaces to fulfill custom/specific requirements with multiple connections

  • High level of automation for managing different customer needs with no customization

  • OPC UA and Open-SCS standard support for Level 2 connectors

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