WEBINAR: Next Generation of Data Security in Serialization

WEBINAR: Next Generation of Data Security in Serialization

In recent years, data management and cyber-security have become a top priority for many high-value industries. A 2018 Proofpoint Report stated that among Fortune 500 companies, cyber attackers targeted the pharmaceutical industry the most.

The ever-changing nature of pharmaceutical supply chains can leave manufacturers vulnerable to theft and emerging cyber risks. Now, it is time to take action to keep the drug supply chain secure and resilient.
No manufacturer can fully insulate itself from the ever-evolving threats that emerge from an ever-changing market, but smart tools and software can help to protect itself from threats.

This webinar illustrates how pharmaceutical companies can mitigate shop floor data security issues with an open serialization site manager platform and network validation. In this webinar, the leading serialization solution and service providers discussed why shop floor data security is mission-critical and how your company can mitigate data security issues.

Key insights:

• Benefits of open, modern serialization site manager platform in the data security
• Avoiding security risks of direct integration from shopfloor to cloud solutions
• Network Quality Management
• Importance of Network Validation