Global 24/7 Systems Support

Advanco and its ARC Platform are established across the world as one of the most secure methods that pharmaceutical firms can choose to both strengthen and streamline shopfloor packaging operations while adhering to the very latest regulatory requirements.

Global 24/7 Systems Support

Our experts constantly push the boundaries when it comes to setting the trends that become established working practices. However, while the solution is important, it is equally vital to have the perfect support systems in place. Sometimes things might go wrong which are unavoidable, due to factors outside anyone’s control.

However, if there are issues, advanco’s customers can be sure they have world-class support systems backing them up at all hours of the day and night.

A partnership-focused support solution

Advanco’s world-class pharmaceutical serialization 24/7 helpdesk support also fully covers wider warehouse, shop floor and track and trace operations.

Our core support premise is built on the core aim of minimizing downtime, which usually directly correlates to lost revenue and productivity. We view our customers as partners – and we see it as our proactive responsibility to ensure our systems deliver the best possible and most efficient results that our customers expect all the time.

Our pharmaceutical track and trace 24/7 support is based around our SMART customer service support model. This is designed to make the entire ARC user experience as smooth as possible.

Specific support services

Advanco’s customers can choose from some or all the following:

Installation: During the installation of the ARC Platform at our customers’ premises, we provide essential training to ensure users are equipped with the tools, confidence, and knowledge to make ARC perform at its full potential.

Hypercare: This is a two-week period where our support team monitors the systems extra closely and will always be available for 24/7 support.

Ongoing Support: The keyword for our ongoing support is “bespoke”. It is based specifically on the individual needs and the requirements of our customers. Components could include some or all, of the following:

  • ARC Platform Training: Designed as either a refresher for existing users or to onboard new users.
  • ARC Platform Troubleshooting: Involves reviewing ARC’s audit logs to select any issues or recurring problems, identifying the root cause, preparing documentation on how to solve these issues, and training users based on the document.
  • Microsoft SQL Server updates: Ensuring the customer is using the supported version of the Microsoft SQL Server to keep all data secure.
  • ARC Platform Version Updates: This involves reviewing and analyzing all-time customer tickets created in the advanco support portal and providing ARC Platform version updates with new features, improvements, and bug fixes with a customer-specific implementation plan.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): This is a contract that clearly outlines Terms & Conditions that advanco’s customers can expect from us. It leaves nothing in doubt and nothing to chance – everything is clearly explained. Even this is fully flexible, with customers able to choose from specific contracts, ranging from standard SLA agreements to premium agreements.

In addition to these central support services, we offer our customers a further range designed to complement our core support functionality.

These include:

  • Health Check: This service ensures ARC runs smoothly by taking proactive action against any issues that could turn into major problems.
  • Customer environment status recommendations and outlooks: These are designed to ensure all systems are performing to their maximum potential based on ARC’s specific location.

A support system based on the strongest possible foundations.

Our 24/7 pharmaceutical serialization round the clock support is powered by the award-winning customer service software Zendesk – the name trusted by more than 100,000 businesses for their help desk solutions.

Zendesk powers some of advanco’s key services including request submissions and troubleshooting services. Customers also benefit from access to a sophisticated knowledge base and a series of ARC platform training videos.

Our promise to our customers.

Advanco’s goal is to provide a solution that sets the standard when it comes to pharmaceutical serialization customer service levels, warehousing support, shop floor and track and trace support levels.

We believe that delivering customer satisfaction is the key to building strong, long-term partnerships. That is why we always go the extra mile to ensure the expectations of our customers are not just met but exceeded – every time.

If you would like to learn more about our ARC platform and the support services that accompany it, please contact us.


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