A Successful GCC Regulatory Affairs Pharma Summit 2023

The Middle East is home to one of the most rapidly changing pharmaceutical sectors in the globe.

A Successful GCC Regulatory Affairs Pharma Summit 2023

Indeed, there is so much going on in the region as the industry continues to mature, that it arguably presents one of the biggest serialization growth opportunities of current times.

Multiple new regulations are being launched across the Middle East, chief among them for the serialization sector being the recent traceability legislation to combat the growing problem of counterfeit medicines. From now onwards, if the Middle East’s pharmaceutical companies fail to achieve compliance, they face being fined, or even getting barred from product launches which could potentially lead to significant business and financial implications.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the Middle East is the focus for some vital industry networking events, chief among them being the recent GCC Regulatory Affairs Pharma Summit 2023, which took place in Dubai.

Advanco, together with its strategic partner Utrace, was the titanium sponsor of this major event, which saw some 650 attendees from 20 countries from across the globe joining together to share insights and discuss best practices for the future of the region’s growing pharmaceutical sector. The main topic areas included regulation, innovation, vigilance, quality and procurement.

Advanco’s major input started well before the Summit itself. Together with Utrace, and in partnership with the Summit, we hosted a well-attended pre-event webinar called “Serialization in the GCC: How to maximize supply chain efficiency in the move to full traceability”. The aim of this was to share knowledge on serialization in the region and generate some thought-provoking pre-event discussions.

During the Summit itself, one of the highlights was a presentation given by advanco, Hasan Vrenic, and Konstantin Ivanov, CEO & co-founder of Utrace, on the important topic of “How do we see the future of Track and Trace?”. This topic was one that attracted a great deal of interest, and one that generated a huge amount of follow-up discussions.

We were also pleased to meet many industry professionals at our booth during the event and were able to make several new business connections which we hope to develop in the coming months, especially as there is such a need for fully managed serialization services across the region.

We are pleased to have been involved in the event, alongside Utrace. It was an incredible success, very well attended, and it was obvious to all who attended that the Middle East presents a huge opportunity for the serialization sector, especially for the joint offering presented by advanco and Utrace. This partnership sees advanco’s industry-leading software platform, ARC, available alongside Utrace’s leading-edge serialization software solution, Utrace Hub, to provide a Level 3 and Level 4 combined offering across the Middle East.

We look forward to leading the Middle East’s serialization services in the coming years as its pharmaceutical sector continues to mature and grow.



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