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ARC Platform Components
ARC <strong>MESs</strong>


The ARC MESs system (Manufacturing Execution System for serialization) serves as a management hub for data and controls the pre-warehouse serialization process.

ARC <strong>LESs</strong>


The ARC LESs (Logistics Execution Systems for serialization) is the operating system of the warehouse that is responsible for post-packaging serialization, aggregation and shipment processes.

ARC <strong>Cloud</strong>

ARC Cloud

The ARC Cloud provides supply-chain level data exchange without compromising on the on-premises level reliability.

Integrating packaging lines
and enterprise serialization

ARC is designed for pharmaceutical manufacturers that need to utilize multiple line management systems, simplify integration and enhance flexibility. It also ensures compliance with global legislation (such as EU Hub, MDLP, Turkish MoH, US DSCSA), that impacts the packaging shop floor and the warehouse.

ARC was designed to support a wide variety of packaging-line technologies and production-management systems. Integration across enterprise levels enables ARC to function as the central hub for managing pharma serialization data and facilitating product traceability across the entire supply chain.

Designed to help manufacturers
and OEMs achieve more

ARC is focused on pharma serialization standards that require pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers that have adopted Track & Trace standards for their products across the entire supply chain. ARC also assists manufacturers to achieve their KPI goals and long-term profitability – by providing insight, scalability and end-to-end supply-chain traceability.

A first-of-its-kind solution
to track serialization progress

The ARC platform’s data-centric approach connects actions and tracks progress that allows users to benchmark progress, helping drive continuous improvement. Our pharma serialization software also provides critical insight into your processes so that your team can make more informed decisions.

Our pharma serialization software enables management to formulate long-term strategies for improvement whose implementation you can follow-up and assess their efficacy. This helps you determine how best to save resources and ensure optimal utilization of equipment.

Take a step into a
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