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From the pharmaceutical sector to cosmetics – each industry has its own unique challenges and changing compliance requirements. Advanco’s serialization platform is a proven solution for the end-to-end supply chain traceability for many varied industries.

Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals


The pharmaceutical sector is highly regulated and compliance driven. Serialization and traceability play key roles in maintaining its strict integrity and protecting against counterfeit products and drugs coming off patent. That is why advanco is dedicated to strengthening the supply-chain of our clients.

Food & Beverages

Certain food sectors have specific regulatory requirements resulting in a need for strict traceability. Using the pharmaceutical sector as an example, serialization is being applied to parts of the food sector – with dairy products providing a clear example. At advanco, our goal is to ensure traceability, food safety, compliance with regulatory guidelines and confidence throughout all stages of the food and beverage supply chain.


Certain products in cosmetics, such as botox, are handled in a similar way to pharma products to ensure they adhering to strict compliance procedures. In the cosmetics industry, we enable better transparency of information along the whole supply chain.

Medical Devices

In the interests of patient-safety, some medical devices such as surgical equipment, life-supporting devices and life-aids that are designed to be implanted are subject to the same regulations and compliance as the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our perfect solution complies with the Unique Device Identification (UDI) and Medical Device Regulation (MDR) standards for traceability of medical devices.

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