Packaging Line Efficiency

For any pharmaceutical manufacturer, operational efficiency is one of the fundamental ingredients needed to ensure packaging line operations are running at peak performance.

Packaging Line Efficiency

On the surface, this might seem like a simple task. After all, we are operating within a technology-centric pharmaceutical industry, with machines replacing manual processes along many stages of the packaging line production process.

However, it is not that straightforward. There are some companies that still rely on older systems which equate to outdated solutions. These are often not up to the rigours of a modern production line, complete with the often-substantial fluctuations needed when it comes to producing the number of units during times of emergency or national stress.

Therefore, how can pharmaceutical firms ensure their packaging equipment is working at optimal performance levels?

Why is it so important to ensure packaging line efficiency for pharma?

It is not difficult to see why the need for cost-effective serialization solutions that blend seamlessly with a company’s packaging lines are so important for the pharmaceutical sector.

Depending on a firm’s specific packaging requirements, a watertight solution will make massive inroads into overall business cost-efficiency. In addition to important factors such as increasing speed, saving time and space and adhering to important regulatory requirements, it will also deliver huge returns when it comes to hitting production forecasts. This is because pharmaceutical firms – as with all businesses – need to ensure they are producing the exact number of products, in this case medicines or medical equipment, needed by their customers, resulting in minimal waste. This is especially true in today’s ESG-focused world where waste is quite rightly frowned upon.

By ensuring packaging line yield targets are achieved, the bottom line of manufacturers will improve, and their ESG credentials will also improve. Surely, a good result for all concerned. Therefore, there are many reasons, all driven by cost-efficiency, why it is important to have watertight solutions in place when it comes to pharma serialization for warehouse packaging.

However, this will not be achieved unless these systems are fully prepared for the hard work that will lie ahead of them during their working lifecycle.

Pharmaceutical factory shop floor serialization

Pharmaceutical firms across the world are increasingly being forced to incorporate serialization solutions into their shop floor packaging systems as a core requirement now that it is increasingly a mandatory regulatory stipulation across the world. Indeed, serialization solutions are now no longer a nice-to-have, they are a must-have as one of the main frontline defences against criminals who lead consumers to become the unwitting victims of such counterfeit pharmaceutical products.

It therefore makes absolute business sense to ensure these solutions are integrated as a core shop floor packaging process. By doing so, this important software will facilitate these essential regulatory requirements.

Advanco Shop Floor is a solution that is geared solely towards optimizing business processes across the entire production supply chain. Because it guarantees a smooth and automated track and trace compliance process, it also results in a reduced overall production cost.

The importance of keeping pharma packaging line technology relevant

Those firms looking to the future should also be aware of the potential of pharma packaging line management software – and ensure such systems can adapt to the changing needs expected in the coming years.

For example, the traditional business computing model – including that traditionally in use by many pharmaceutical firms – is built on a centralized data centre. However, the global pandemic vaccine roll-out has magnified the need for a scalable, hybrid solution, which allows for the processing of high-volume data.

This is one example among many of the importance of keeping systems relevant. When it comes to serialization solution systems, ARC Shop Floor takes the systems it uses to the next generation and beyond, combining operational intelligence, big data and machine learning to deliver a cutting-edge solution today, but also crucially, in the future too.

Intelligent digital maintenance

Maintaining relevance, both now and in the future, ensures ARC Shop Floor is always focused on the very specific needs of the pharmaceutical packaging process.

Such an approach is vital for overall equipment effectiveness or OEE for pharma. Not only will it keep hardware and software running efficiently, but it will also minimise the downtime when it comes to the required maintenance procedure or unplanned line stoppage due to equipment failure. With ARC Shop Floor, updates are intelligent and automatic, incorporating predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and remote diagnostics – all of which allow for much better planning and to increase the reliability of the packing lines. Such vital components form a core part of ARC Shop Floor thanks to its open, robust, and modular architecture.

ARC Shop Floor – the natural choice for pharmaceutical warehouse serialization systems

ARC Shop Floor is designed to fully maximise warehouse efficiency. Contact us to find out more about how ARC Shop Floor can enable you to take your packaging operations to the very next level, incorporating full OEE monitoring, fully digital in-process controls and how to plan and execute equipment maintenance digitally.


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