advanco partners with Vantage to deliver the first interoperable pharmaceutical traceability solution

Advanco, one of the globe’s leading pharmaceutical track and trace solution providers, has announced the launch of ARC/QU4RTET, the pharmaceutical sector’s first open, interoperable, and secure traceability solution.

advanco partners with Vantage to deliver the first interoperable pharmaceutical traceability solution

Delivered in partnership with Vantage, the leading manufacturing productivity company, the ARC/QU4RTET bundle will offer the technology demanded in the digitally driven Industry 4.0. era. It will also remove the serious operational issues caused by companies operating out-of-date serialization software.

Current serialization solutions in the Pharmaceutical Industry can be as much as 20 years old. However, during these two decades, pharmaceutical traceability solutions have matured considerably, leaving these antiquated systems difficult for modern products to interact with.

Alf Goebel, advanco CEO, said: “With Industry 4.0. on the horizon, a digital-first approach will become the norm. The time is right for advanco and Vantage to jointly offer ARC/QU4RTET as a bundled L3/L4/L5 solution. ARC/QU4RTET is fully integrated to provide the Level 3 ARC platform serialization engine with the Level 4/5 QU4RTET traceability solution. This allows a fully flexible, seamless integration from line systems through ERP and warehouse solutions.”

The combined bundle allows packaging sites to seamlessly add a different serialized case aggregation vendor to their existing line systems. Users can also completely integrate their existing ERP/WMS solutions with the serialization solution, thus avoiding the need for multiple interfaces associated with segregated systems.

Vantage President, John Jordon, said: “We are excited to partner with advanco in offering the first open and scalable traceability system for the pharmaceutical market. The ARC/QU4RTET bundle is a secure and cost-effective option for Pharma companies seeking to comply with global regulations without fully replacing their existing infrastructure.”

The complete solution is available immediately from advanco and Vantage, and both will offer a wide range of options including enterprise-level SaaS solutions.

Under the arrangement, advanco will provide all software solution architecture and configuration, while Vantage will deliver design, implementation, and validation services. The companies will jointly offer ongoing support.


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