WEBINAR: Cold Chain and Vaccine Serialization

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most challenging issues facing humanity in this century. With the approval of the first effective vaccines, the number of counterfeited COVID-19 vaccines is also increasing.

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To prevent these illegal activities, it is necessary to serialize vaccines and make them traceable.

The incredibly complex logistics behind the safe distribution of temperature-sensitive COVID-19 vaccines has quickly become a top priority. From the time a vaccine leaves the manufacturer until the time it is administered to a patient, it needs to be transported and stored under ideal and highly specific conditions. Cold chain errors might constitute a patient safety hazard and cost billions of dollars each year.

Supply chain readiness is key to efficiently deploying COVID-19 vaccines to the target populations. Advanco and WIPOTEC-OCS are part of the international efforts to protect people worldwide from COVID-19.

In this webcast the two leading serialization providers revealed how they support Thermo Fisher Scientific, who distributes COVID-19 vaccines worldwide. Heart of advanco’s solution is the new state-of-the-art ARC COLD CHAIN, together with WIPOTEC-OCS, a first-class serialization and aggregation equipment supplier, we developed a pioneering software serialization solution through the following multiple processes:

  • Serialization and aggregation without bundle labelling on the WIPOTEC-OCS line
  • Aggregation from bundle to special Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) shipper
  • Cold storage for 48hrs in the freezer farm
  • Exception management through ARC Platform rework function

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Cold Chain and Vaccine Serialization


  • Nicole Linn, Area Sales Manager TQS, Key Account Manager, WIPOTEC-OCS GmbH
  • Hasan Verinç, Director of Project Management, advanco SA

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