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Our Support Model
Experience and Reliability

For almost 40 years, advanco™ has been offering extensive and holistic solutions in the fields of supply chains and Track & Trace. These solutions are crucial for smooth, secure and accurate serialization in the manufacturing processes of our pharmaceutical clients. We are well aware of this huge responsibility. That’s why it’s our highest priority to provide our clients with an extensive support model – all day, every day. The following is an overview of what we offer in terms of support and services.

Our Service Model
Responsiveness and Flexibility

Good service is based on responsiveness to help you minimize downtime in the management of your workflow. Effective service means understanding your client’s manufacturing operations and challenges down the supply chain. That’s why advanco offers flexible service bundles – to give you exactly the support that you need, when and where you need it. Our service bundles can be customized to meet the demands of your manufacturing processes. Decades of experience show that up to 95 % of support inquiries can be handled remotely – comfortably, fast and effectively. We offer varying Service Level Agreements (SLA) and guarantee response times that match the flow of your business. You benefit from ideal budgeting at maximum transparency.

The advanco Service Desk
Full service begins with
a single call or click

After all, service should be simple. That’s why we have raised our services to a higher-level, with the advanco Service Desk. No matter how you choose to get in touch with us, all inquiries will be received and managed centrally via the advanco Service Desk — maximum efficiency, shorter downtime.

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All Information at a Glance

The advanco Service Desk attends to your immediate needs, from contact to completion. We start by asking the right questions to make it easier for our service staff to find the solution to resolve your issue quickly.

Full Transparency

Any status change, pending inquiries and comments are visible to you at all times. The processing time will be automatically recorded and logged by the advanco Service Desk throughout the process.

Everything in its Place

Each of your inquiries helps us to enhance our service. Every service inquiry will be stored and evaluated in the advanco Service Desk, followed by an incisive and complete report. This procedure helps us to steadily improve our system and our service. The platform we’ve built upon for the advanco Service Desk is ZendeskTM – the leading service portal utilized in our industry.

You can access the advanco Service Desk by visiting: