advanco is suggesting a
new model to approach the
next generation of serialization
and track & trace solutions.

Serialization 2.0 Serialization 2.0

Serialization 2.0 will allow advanco
to adapt the solution stack to your
unique company scenario

The existing serialization platform covers site management, incorporates data exchange and cloud features, rounding out a full serialization solution. The extensions will allow advanco to adapt the solution stack to your unique company scenario. However, advanco believes that the time is right to shift focus on to the next steps the market anticipates will happen. Many companies have implemented their compliance solutions and are now seeking ways to extract the highest possible value out of their investment, ensure the seamless continuity of their solution and are looking for ways to leverage data generated by the solution to find new areas of value.

Our preserve & optimize approach
focuses attention on services with
immediate impact on your business

One critical topic of interest is data-based solution health audit: based on statistical data generated by the system itself. The large amount of data that can be stored on the ARC platform is not only good for anti-counterfeiting and compliance. A detailed assessment reveals actionable insights:

  • The data logged will enable you to get more value out of your hardware (Overall Equipment Efficiency, short OEE) by increasing uptime and utilization.
  • Data can also reveal software and hardware usage patterns, compliance process execution habits and maintenance needs.
  • Optimization services for ARC align your company’s processes with the best practices of the serialization industry
  • The SLAs in our service models ensure business continuity

Advanco has also observed the emerging trend of serialization software & hardware replacement. Unlike the first round of deployment, where compliance speed was key and real-life experience was sparse, customers are now prioritizing flexibility and value with the next wave of “replacement” solutions.

Today and tomorrow
Serialization 2.0

As an independent software provider built on a history of innovation, we currently offer our customers a flexible and compliant open software platform, featuring extremely high security and 24/7 support. However, as an innovation driver, we are close to the next logical step: “Single Item Serialization.” This technological innovation will offer our customers additional opportunities – especially for products and industries that, up until now, had no serialization capabilities. Soon, Track & Trace will be applicable to each individual product in real time – along the entire supply chain, anywhere on the face of the planet. There is no greater transparency.

At advanco we offer verifiable security every day to ensure that the contents always match what is on the package labelling.

Take a step into a
more secure future