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The ARC LESs (Logistics Execution Systems for serialization) is the operating system of the warehouse that is responsible for post-packaging serialization, aggregation and shipment processes.

Ensuring that serialization issues are corrected, and facilitating flow of goods to and from your warehouse

ARC LESs ensures that errors like package breakage and misappropriation are discovered and corrected, irrespective of the original packaging technology used.

ARC LESs also ensures the free-flow of all in-and-outbound serialized goods and oversees the data integration of single-item operations that flows through the warehouse.



Workstation with ergonomics in mind

Large touchscreen display with secondary steering options allows you to deploy for different process needs.


Rework flexibly

No matter which line vendor technology serialized your items, rework operations for aggregation hierarchy change etc. can be executed through our feature-rich user interface.


Warehouse inbound operations

ARC LESs integrates with your contract partners in order to accept good automatically, or after manual label scanner checks, which is especially useful for returns.


Delivery operations

ARC LESs controls delivery operations from bulk level down to the individual serialized item with ease, and integrates with MESs to transmit details to your delivery partner.


Quality-of-life in operations

Whether you want to rapidly check serialized item inventory or you need special information markers for the cold chain, ARC LESs workstations can flexibly adapt to your solution.

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