The ARC Platform. Utilize multiple line management systems Simplify integration Enhance flexibility

The ARC platform is a software solution that integrates packaging lines and enterprise serialization repositories. It is designed for pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing companies to utilize multiple line management systems, simplify integration and enhance flexibility. It also ensures compliance with global legislation (such as EU Hub, MDLP, Turkish MoH), including all special functionalities like Russian Cryptocode or US DSCSA requirements on the shop floor and in the warehouse.

As an innovation from advanco, ARC is focused on applications where mandated serialization standards require pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to adopt specified standards to Track & Trace products across their supply chains. Beyond this, ARC is also designed to help manufacturers and OEMs achieve better KPIs, such as long-term profitability, with more scalable, end-to-end supply-chain traceability.

ARC was conceived to adapt to a wide variety of packaging-line technologies and production-management systems. Integration across control and enterprise levels enables ARC to function as a centralized hub for managing serialization data and facilitating product traceability across the entire supply chain.

Apart from this, it helps manufacturers to improve troubleshooting and proactive maintenance, by providing direct visibility into the end-to-end process, from production through distribution. Additionally, the platform is equipped with a manual serialization and aggregation workflow, which is a pre-validated tool for manufacturers with manual packaging lines.

The ARC platform’s data-centric approach connects actions and tracks progress through a performance score that allows projects to track and benchmark progress. It is the first-of-its-kind solution to track serialization progress through a performance score, helping to drive continuous and incremental improvement. The platform also provides [critical/enhanced/valuable] feedback so that your team can make more informed decisions. It connects management to strategies for improvement and measures progress so that you can gauge how well the strategies you implement are working. This helps you determine how best to save resources and ensure product counterfeiting is eliminated.

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The ARC platform is one system with two modules.

We consult and give critical evaluation of your status quo to ensure movement in the right direction.

The ARC MESs system (Manufacturing Execution System software) provides cockpit overview management for our customers’ packaging lines. It is designed to process data that contain the most valuable, agreed upon information shared across your organization, as well as management of orders, on-line monitoring, reporting and auditing tools.

In addition, the ARC MESs system provides an accurate and deep understanding of drill-down capabilities from the product batch - all the way down to the individual serialized item. Due to its flexibility, it streamlines communication and keeps teams and partner technologies informed of activity across the organization, thus providing a secure place to maintain data over time.

The MESs System - process components include:

  • Master Data Management: article, product - aggregation hierarchy, label information
  • Packaging Order Management: assign, monitor
  • Serial Number Management
  • User Role & Permissions Management
  • Reporting: General batch, audit log, and hardware / L4-Interface specific reporting
  • Administration: line, connector and hardware interface configuration

The ARC LESs (Logistics Execution Systems software) is the operating system of the warehouse that is responsible for post-packaging serialization processes. It ensures that errors like package breakage and misappropriation are discovered and corrected, irrespective of the original packaging technology used.

LESs also ensures the free-flow of all in-and-outbound serialized goods and it oversees the full integration of Atomic-level, single-item operations that passes through it’s electronic process. This happens in the background and it is monitored through MESs.

Below are the processes that are supported through a unified interface:

  • Low-volume packaging from scratch
  • Correction or extension of aggregation or sampling operations that happen on the mass-packaging lines
  • Serialized goods acceptance into the warehouse
  • Goods Shipments
  • Serialized item inventory checking