Q&A with Peter Turpin, Director Americas of advanco

We sat down with Peter and grilled him about his previous experience –which revolves around setting up one of the world’s most successful software optimization companies and dug a little deeper into his role at advanco.

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Q: You are the Co-Founder of Snow Software, arguably one of the globe’s leading technology intelligence providers, with a solid presence in the US. Please outline Snow’s services and the central role you have played within its growth trajectory.

Snow Software is today focused on helping companies to optimize their software, applications, hardware, and cloud investments. With solutions for software, SaaS, SAP and hybrid cloud management, Snow provides complete insights into consumption, risks, and costs, so companies can drive operational efficiency and growth, and accurately govern and forecast with confidence.

Snow employs more than 850 people across the globe directly, which rises to around 3,000 when you include the firm’s partners and wider supply-chain. It has over 6,500 customers, including some of the world’s most well-known institutions, and has around $100 million in annual recurring revenue.

When I co-founded Snow Software, I was based in the UK. The first year, as with many company start-ups, was difficult, but by year two we had recorded $5 million in revenue, by year three this had risen to $20 million. Indeed, I am proud of the fact that year-on-year we were averaging a growth rate of around 60 per cent.

My specific remit was to head up sales and marketing, which I did from the UK before moving to the USA in 2011 to launch the business there. In 2014, Snow acquired Intelligent Licensing, which is where I first met Alf Goebel, who is, of course, now the advanco CEO, and at the time was one of the founders of Intelligent Licensing.

I exited Snow Software in 2019 after growing it into a business with a USD $100 m turnover, a large part of this generated from the US which was one of the core geographies for us.

Q: Both Snow Software and advanco can be described as positive disrupters within their relative sectors. Are there any similarities with both companies?

When Snow Software started, the primary challenge was educating the market on why software asset management is so important, something that was pretty much a rarity when we started. By doing this, Snow was able to carve out a specific niche which our clients gratefully took advantage of, and we became known as a company that operates with the best intention of its clients – including saving them money from removing the 30% of unused software that, as an average, many had installed – as part of its DNA.

In a similar vein, advanco has been steadily championing the importance of cooperation and collaboration within the pharmaceutical sector, so it is built as strongly as possible for the collective good of us all as we move forwards in the post-Covid landscape. This is a new concept, but one that is already achieving strong results, and is seeing strong support. The emphasis on building the technology and systems to allow systems to communicate with each other, even across competing companies, are already having a positive impact across pharmaceutical supply chains.

It’s also important to highlight the governance and compliance aspects of Snow Software and advanco. Both are in niche spaces, but both place governance and compliance at their very core, which is important now – but will become critical in the months and years ahead.

Both companies are all about offering flexibility to clients and working with them to best complement their specific operational model. The experience I gained from Snow Software has been instrumental in the current work I am doing for advanco.

Q: What did you like about advanco that made you want to join us?

As I mentioned, I first met Alf Goebel when Snow Software acquired Intelligent Licensing, an organization of which Alf was one of the founders. I immediately admired Alf’s ability and his passion for building a business that doesn’t just keep up with the competition, but instead positions itself as the golden standard which the competition strives to keep up with.

After exiting Snow Software in 2019, I spent two years investigating the opportunities that existed with other software companies. I was very selective about which companies I spoke with, and when Alf contacted me about the possibility of joining advanco, I was immediately interested.

Not only does advanco, under Alf’s leadership, have the vision to develop software solutions that are way ahead of the curve, it recognizes that Industry 4.0. is constantly evolving. Yes, Industry 4.0. will be the next industrial revolution, but it is one that will never stand still – the companies that will successfully harness the opportunities that Industry 4.0. will offer need to have the skills to constantly look forward, innovate, and push the boundaries for the good of their clients. Advanco demonstrates these abilities on a daily basis, and I am proud to be part of it.

Advanco is also known as a company which has incredible customer service standards, a very high client retention-rate and has the ability to develop solutions that are already in place when the market demands them. Indeed, the assurance is always there that the products are an exact fit for clients, and will play a core role in the future strength of the pharmaceutical sector.

Advanco also has a very strong backing as one of the portfolio companies of Parabellum Investments under the leadership of Rami Cassis and has the ability to invest internally where its needed, in addition to be able to consider growth through acquisitions should a strong opportunity present itself.

Q: What are the top three skills you have learned throughout your career?

  • Be clear and understand your audience
  • Be able to define your route to market
  • Have the the ability to align your value proposition with the needs of the customer.

Without possessing all three of these skills, the likelihood of success in whatever venture you choose will be severely diminished.

Q: Let’s turn to advanco – what is your role with us?

As Director, Americas, for advanco, I oversee all activity within the region, with a particular focus on optimizing the efficiency and performance of the company. I also have a specific focus on governance and financial matters.

Additionally, I am the head of global new business and I am also involved in our overall go to market strategies

Q: How do you help advanco to grow?

While advanco is growing very well organically we are also uniquely positioned in M & A with the backing of Parabellum. As we expand our offerings with our Arc Platform we are able to continue to go to market meeting with our prospects and offering real world solutions to their real world challenges. We also recognize that we have to act more than a supplier to our customers.  We need to be seen as their trusted advisor when supporting them in planning for new product lines as well as optimizing their current product lines. Currently we are meeting with more companies for the first time than ever before both as a result of recommendations and our marketing efforts.  We recognize that it is critical to build long term relationships with our clients and this is reflected with the fact we have had 100% customer retention over the last 12 years.

Q: What does the future hold for advanco?

The future is looking incredibly exciting. Advanco has, without doubt, developed the best in breed products for serialization, an accolade which is recognized by our clients, suppliers, and peers alike. As we move into the next phase of growth, we can expect to see advanco playing a leading role in optimizing supply chains across the globe. We have a solid opportunity to assist companies across multiple industries with tightening up their distribution methods, and to give them the tools they need to better track their equipment, goods and packaging.

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