Alf Goebel - CEO

Alf Goebel


A C-level software sales and marketing executive, with strong operational experience specialising in high growth business in Europe and the US. Alf has extensive experience with Global Partnerships SAP and has held senior executive positions at a number of leading technology companies, including Snow Software and MSC Software.

Rami Cassis - Chairman, CEO of Parabellum Investments

Rami Cassis

CEO of Parabellum Investments

Rami is founder & CEO of Parabellum Investments. Trained as an engineer & physicist, he spent 10 years at Schlumberger in operations and senior management roles. He was then a corporate executive at KPMG and Atos Origin prior to his first buyout in 2007. Since then, using his own capital, he has acquired and developed a number of firms in enterprise software and services.