What Makes GS1 Standards Essential for Track and Trace?

The pharmaceutical sector is one governed by some of the most complex regulatory requirements of any sector on the planet.

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  • 18/08/2021

    Covid Vaccination Serialization – The Journey So Far

    The global COVID pandemic has been one of the worst disasters we have collectively faced for generations, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths, disabilities, and losses of livelihoods.

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  • 17/06/2021

    Building a future pandemic blueprint

    How the pharma serialization and track-and-trace sector can be better prepared, should the world be unlucky enough to experience another global crisis.

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  • 02/06/2021

    Leaders in cross-industry serialization

    Regulatory compliance for serialisation is increasingly becoming a focus area for pharmaceutical manufacturers and supply chain partners across the world. Therefore, as would be expected, advanco is already well-known and solidly established within the pharmaceutical sector.

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  • 04/05/2021

    COVID-19 and Pharmaceutical Serialization: One Year Later

    Despite significant challenges caused by COVID-19 disruptions, the pharmaceutical track-and-trace sector has made strides in three areas to help secure the global supply chain now and well into the future.

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  • 26/03/2021

    What should the pharmaceutical serialisation sector be doing to protect against fake Covid-19 vaccines?

    CEO of advanco Alf Goebel examines how the pharmaceutical sector can unite in the ongoing battle against fake covid vaccines and other counterfeit drugs. As a provider for level 3 item level serialisation, advanco was acquired by parabellum investments, led by founder and chief executive Rami Cassis in 2020.

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  • 05/02/2021

    Chinese police seize over 3,000 fake COVID-19 vaccines

    Pharmaceutical counterfeiting brought to the fore, as more than 3,000 saline filled vials being sold as COVID-19 vaccines were seized in Chinese police raids.

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